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  1. I'm OK, You're OK I remember from my Social Worker class that the Transactional Analysis is the concept of the Parent, Adult, and Child (P-A-C) ego states that are compose every one of our personalities. The Parent ego state contains all the information we accept as true that we have gathered from authority figures including our esicnopinsomag.thoughricktipharledahardpenkniphylnajor.co by:
  2. Jul 06,  · And for a huge portion of the population, that position is "I’m Not OK-You’re OK." This negative "life position," shared by successful and unsuccessful people alike, contaminates our rational adult capabilities, leaving us vulnerable to inappropriate, emotional reactions of our child and uncritically learned behavior programmed into our esicnopinsomag.thoughricktipharledahardpenkniphylnajor.co: HarperCollins Publishers.
  3. In , Thomas Anthony Harris published the book titled I'm ok - you're ok. The title was borrowed from the Ok-positions and reflects a fundamental position of the Transactional Analysis. In fact, the book is an introduction to Transactional Analysis. The work is still popular, but in terms of actuality is a .
  4. Thomas A. Harris, I'm OK - You're OK It was really a terrific book. I read it a long time ago so details are fuzzy but I loved it. I read it a long time ago so details are fuzzy but I loved it. I still remember the four different modes and check myself sometimes/5.
  5. On June 25, , I’m OK – You’re OK hit number one on the New York Times Best Seller list for non-fiction books. In July when the paperback book rights were finally sold, it broke a record, eclipsing the one set by Berne’s Games People Play. The paperback rights to I’m OK – You’re OK were sold for $1,, to Avon Books. This broke all previous records for the reprint sale of any published book .
  6. “Im OK You’re OK” (healthy position)This is potentially a mentally healthy position. Realistic people with this position about themselves and others can solve their problems constructively. They accept the significance of people and get along well with others.
  7. I'm OK, You're OK provides counselling services for children and young people, well-being training and supervision for schools & colleges, and a range of CPD training courses in counselling children and young people for counsellors and other professionals.
  8. In I’m OK – You’re OK, Dr. Thomas A. Harris takes the ideas of transactional analysis, as outlined by Dr. Eric Berne, and simplifies them for the mass audience. In transactional analysis, as defined by Dr. Eric Berne – there are three observable ego states: Parent, Adult, and Child.

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