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Ite Missa Est

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  1. Ite Missa Est is the adult faith formation ministry of Immaculate Conception Parish. Our focus is to take seriously the great commission of Christ to "Go and make disciples of all nations" (Mt ).
  2. Ite Missa Est This is the versicle chanted in the Roman Rite by the deacon at the end of Mass, after the Post-Communions. It is our formula of the old dismissal (apolutis) still contained in all esicnopinsomag.thoughricktipharledahardpenkniphylnajor.co is undoubtedly one of the most ancient Roman formulae, as may be seen from its archaic and difficult form.
  3. So Ite missa est should be translated "Go it is the dismissal." (See Florus the Deacon, "De expositione Missæ", P.L., CIX, ) On certain days which have the character of fasting or penance, this versicle is replaced by the words Benedicamus Domino.
  4. Mar 29,  · Or else because Christ is the victim [hostia] sent [missa] to us: accordingly the deacon on festival days ‘dismisses’ the people at the end of the mass, by saying: ‘Ite, missa est,’ that is, the victim [hostia] has been sent [missa est] to God through the angel, so that it may be accepted by God.” (Summa Theoolgiae, IIIa q83, a4, ad9).
  5. "Go, you are sent forth." Ite Missa Est is the Adult Faith Formation of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church in Dayton, Ohio.
  6. Mar 16,  · Ite Missa Est at least rubrically linked to the congregation rather as a prayer. In the Mass before , the priest would say all the parts of the Mass that were prayers, even if others said/sang them. There was a question posed to the Congregation of Rites regarding these words of the Mass.
  7. The word "Mass" comes from the Latin word, " Missa." At one time, the people were dismissed with the words "Ite, missa est" (literally meaning "Go, she—meaning you, the Church—has been sent"). The word "Missa" is related to the word "missio," the root of the English word "mission." The liturgy does not simply come to an end.

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